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Welcome to Bex Education: Fashion, History and Theory, a blog for fashion lovers and theorists alike!

After being denied a few writing jobs because, like a lot of people, I was unable to live in London and write for free, I decided if I was going to pursue this passion of mine I may as well do it for myself. In my own time, writing about what I wanted and in my own way. And with no real expectations of it being a major success, but in the hope that perhaps there would be a few others with similar interests who would be somewhat informed or entertained. So, here goes!

My name is Rebecca, although as the title of this blog suggests I tend to go by Bex. I'm a sushi fanatic, insist on drinking dairy-free alternatives although I couldn’t hack it as a vegan, and I live in East London which is honestly my favourite place in the world.

I graduated from the London College of Fashion a number of years ago, and like many had the hope of pursuing a career in fashion. And like many, its been somewhat a struggle. I completed my Master’s in Fashion History and Culture, during which I specialised in radical feminism and lesbian politics, and went on to teach as an Associate Lecturer on fashion and contextual issues whilst freelancing as a fashion writer.

Building on what I have learnt and invested time researching over the years, this blog will look at a variety of issues surrounding the fashion industry. Less focused on the stylistic trends, it is intended to be a look into developments and changes in the industry against a theoretical and historical backdrop with a focus on the present day, including gender, sustainability and diversity. Hopefully, it will have something for those out there who genuinely love fashion and design but are interested in some of the behind-the-scenes stuff underlying it all.



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