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About me

As the title suggests, my name is Bex and this is my blog! I'm a 25 year old Londoner, I'm absolutely obsessed with sushi, I insist on drinking dairy-free alternatives although I couldn’t hack it as a vegan, and I'm a fashion historian and theoretician.

I graduated from the London College of Fashion a number of years ago, and like many had the dream of pursuing a career in fashion. And as for many, its been somewhat a struggle. I completed my Master’s in Fashion History and Culture, during which I specialised in intersectional feminism and queer theory, and went on to teach as an Associate Lecturer on Fashion and Contextual Studies whilst freelancing as a fashion writer

Building on what I have learnt and invested in over the years, this blog looks at a variety of issues surrounding the fashion industry. Less focused on the fleeting stylistic trends of the fashion world, it is intended to focus attention on developments and changes within the industry against a theoretical and historical backdrop, considering relevant topics including gender, race, politics, sustainability and diversity. In this way, I feel we can truly appreciate the clothes we wear not just for their aesthetic value but for everything they represent about our culture, politics, history and life.

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